About us:

...and by "us", I suppose that I mean myself; at the current time there is no team of poets or tree full of elves cranking out the haiku (though readers send great submissions that are used on occassion).

I work full-time in the law, do some free-lance writing on the side, and post here for amusement. I'm a well-traveled, well-read goofball who leaves the country when he can and chills at Wrigley Field when he can't. I've lived in New York, Atlanta and Slovakia, but Chicago is my home.

I consider myself socially liberal, fiscally conservative, political but not party-aligned...but this all likely shines through the haiku.

Despite the liberating joy of managing large commercial litigation matters by day </end sarcasm>, I often find myself suffering pangs of unsated creative ambition. To exorcise those pesky demons (and exercise the other side of my brain), I exert a modicum of imagination through essays, photographs and correspondence when I can make the time. One medium that has served me well has been haiku -- at 17 syllables each, even a tight work schedule allows time to crank out a few.

It started when a friend (and sometime contributor) -- Fluffy Kitten -- was enduring the stress of Katrina's impending landfall and aftermath; she was safely in Chicago, but her parents stubbornly refused to leave their Gulf Coast home. To lighten the mood (if not distract from the topic at hand), we exchanged haiku on the subject (see sidebar) -- some poking fun, some acknowledging tragedy, others poetically trying to tame the storm.

A few months later, some friends who knew that I followed news & politics asked to be regularly but briefly kept abreast of the world-at-large. Emboldened by my Katrina experience, I brazenly suggested that I could boil all of the day's stories down to 5-7-5 format -- they turned the boast into a challenge, and I turned it into a daily e-mail.

They appreciated the updates, while I came to appreciate the discipline of trying to squeeze info, opinion and wit into such tight constrains. The maiing list and the scope of the content expanded until someone suggested that I post them all somewhere, and Daily News Haiku was born.

It has grown over time, evolving in format and expanding its focus on graphics. It can, of course, always improve further -- and I welcome suggestions.

Mainly it's just a silly lark -- there's nothing commercial to it (though my agent is working out a deal for Daily News Haiku: The Movie ). I hope that you like it, will check back often and maybe even share it with friends. If you want to use/link material on your site/publication, no worries -- but please attribute this site and let me know about it.

I send out e-mails each time the page is updated -- drop me a note if you'd like to be put on the list or just to provide some feedback, ink a syndication deal, or find a new pen pal: